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Tire Ballast

Liquid ballasting in tires has been an alternative to cast iron weights for many years. Tire ballast increase traction, pulling power and stability for vehicles and machines.


Bio-Ballast® is a USDA Certified Biobased product that promotes good tire health and safety without worry of corrosion to wheels and stems. Also, the most environmentally sensitive solution on the market today. Bio-Ballast® is easier to manipulate in terms of getting the proper balance for each vehicle or machine and its specific use. Bio-Ballast® is the Best Ballast on the Market and recognized by Leading Tire Service and Equipment Dealers across the United States and Canada.


  • Safe substitute for Calcium Chloride
  • Formulated to coat the inside of tire and wheels
  • Keeps the inner liner of the tire soft and pliable
  • Safe to use in tubeless tires
  • Can be mixed with other liquid tire ballast products with no viscosity issues
  • No agricultural byproduct residue of Bio-Ballast®
  • Prevents rim failure due to rust and oxidation
  • Weight is comparable to other liquid tire ballasts
  • Will not foam when pumped
  • Can be pumped in colder temperatures (slush free down to -30°f) unlike other liquid tire ballasts, which will thicken and cause issues with filling or removing from tires
  • Safe to use around humans, animals and plants


BallastSeal™ contains tire and wheel conditioning agents to protect and improve the service life of your tires and wheels. 30:1 mixture with Bio-Ballast® to help seal problem rims and beads, and punctures ¼” or less. Provides protection from loss of ballast and also maintains optimum tire pressure. Unlike any other liquid tire sealant!


  • 100% biodegradable
  • propylene and ethylene glycol free
  • non-combustible, non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-flammable
  • pumps easily through a valve stem
  • can last the life of the tire tread
  • eliminates most tire service calls
  • saves down time and is soap and water cleanup
  • comes in 5-gallon pails for ease of storage and transportation
  • can be pumped in colder temperatures. Freezing point -30°F when mixed with Bio-Ballast®
  • no agricultural by-product residue in BallastSeal™
  • combined with Bio-Ballast® weight is comparable to other liquid ballasts

MLCR, LLC distributes Bio-Ballast® and BallastSeal™ that are both biodegradable and water-soluble liquid ballasting and sealant solutions.  Environmentally accepted replacement for Calcium Chloride and Methanol.

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