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Dust Control

Dust can be a nuisance on private and rural roads, arenas, construction sites and parking lots. It is also a major problem for human and animal health as well as harmful to the environment.

MLCR, LLC. sprays sprays a dust suppressant blend that is an environmentally friendly product that is non-toxic to humans and animals,

Benefits of Dust Control:

  • Dust suppressant helps attract moisture from the air which will bind the fine particles and aggregate to keep the roads packed hard, smooth and safe. Also, it prevents long-term wear and tear on vehicles
  • Reduces dust amount from traffic and high winds that would limit driving visibility
  • Prevents crop and vegetation damage and the dust suppressants control the fine particles from reaching waterways and streams which can harm aquatic life.
  • Prevents and reduces the release of small airborne particles which can cause health issues in humans and animals


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