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MLCR, LLC. has been building personal relationships with our customers since early 2015.

MLCR, LLC. of Bates City, MO is able to do this by customizing our services to each customer as needed. We take time to get to know our customers and their specific needs and interests.

Reliable Cost Effective Solutions and Services

MLCR, LLC. builds custom solutions for each of our customers needs. Just ask us!

Our Services:

Product Storage

We store products with care by ensuring safe, clean and efficient storage and handling of bulk products for customers in the Midwest. 


Dust Control

Dust can be a nuisance on private and rural roads, arenas, construction sites and parking lots. It is also a major problem for human and animal health as well as harmful to the environment.  


Tire Ballast

Liquid ballasting in tires has been an alternative to cast iron weights for many years. Tire ballast increase traction, pulling power and stability for vehicles and machines.


Since early 2015, MLCR, LLC has been providing services to our customers needs with custom solutions with a focus on a simple and eco-friendly process.